If you would like to provide your guests witha unique sensory experience we provide a cost effective, hand-crafted hospitality range. We have tried out best to be at least 30% cheaper than larger hospitality suppliers, plus we provide a much better product! Unlike our naturals range we don't use a 100% natural base product as it would be too expensive, however we still use pure essential oils. We have made the range to match the naturals range so that if your guests enjoy using it in the room they can puchase the natural equivalent from our store.

Our hospitality range consists of:

Cape Snowbush Shampoo

Cape Snowbush Conditioner

Invigorating Hand & Body Wash

Cape Chamomile Body lotion

Cape Geranium Bubble Bath

Natural Farmhouse Soap

Fynbos Bath Salts

We also provide high quality 200ml glass bottles or beautiful 30ml plastic bottles. 

All our products can be bought in 5lt and 10lt quantities making it a cost effective and eco-friendly option for guest houses and hotels. We are currently working on 30ml amenities, but this is not as eco-friendly as having larger bottles that are re-filled, but if that is what you are looking for we are happy to help. We have been using these products in our accommodation for almost 7 years now and people love them!

If you would like to learn more about our hospitality range and would like a pricelist please email me at vindoux.marketing@gmail.com

hospitality soap