A little bit about the fantastic oils we use:

Cape Chamomile - Eriocephalus punctulatuscape chamomile

This is one of the oils we use the most, especially in our mummy and baby blends. It has fantastic relaxing properties, both on the mind and the body. It is often used to treat depression and anxiety and is a great oil for insomniacs. Physically it is used to treat muscle pain and is even used to treat arthritis. Just to add to everything else it is also used to treat dermatitis, hayfever, acne, infections and toothache! Truely and amazing oil!


Cape Snowbush - Eriocephalus Africanus Cape Snowbush

In the same family as Cape Chamomile this oils also has wonderful healing properties. We use it in our hair products as it helps to balance the scalp, treat dandruff and promote hair growth, it also has a wonderful aroma leaving hair feeling and smelling fresh. It is also used to treat coughs, and colds, and is actually used in some vicks preparations!


Cape May - Coleonema Album Cape May

Traditionally Cape fishermen used to rub this herb between their hands to remove the smell of fish as it has great deodorant properties. It also has wonderful incect repelling properties, without the sharp odour. Mentally it induces relaxation and calms a busy mind, while physically it helps to relax muscles. We use it in our flu blends as it helps to reduce fever and soothe a sore throat when inhaled. On the skin it refreshes and invigorates while leaving a pleasant herbal scent


Blue Mountain Sage - Salvia stenophylla blue mountain sageblue mountain sage

Another fantastic oil from the fynbos! This oil is the South African equivalent of tea tree oil, helping with skin irritations including nappy rash, stings, dermatitis and infections to name a few. It also have wonderful healing properties when inhaled easing coughs and sore throats. It's your first aid kit in a bottle!